Introducing of the Faller Consulting Limited.

Our company aims to be a professional, reliable part- ner to all who are looking for effective investment, le- gal and financial assistance for their bona fide business activities.

Faller Consulting Ltd. is a Hungarian private compa- ny founded in 1991, specialising primarily in interna- tional matters. Its international credentials, business philosophy and track record are based on the business experience of its founder, dr. Jenő Faller (international lawyer, businessman and diplomat). Faller Consulting Ltd. has become a principal contribu- tor in Hungary's economic changes through its activi- ties in the fields of investment, financial consulting and privatisation. It took part in a number of well- known projects of major economic significance, such as the privatization of Zwack Co. (major Hungar- ian liqueur producer), MAHART (passenger-shipping company), Centrum Department Chain, the setting up of TV3, the first Hungarian commercial television channel. Through these activities Faller Consulting displayed extensive knowledge and experience in privatization consulting, company reorganisation and finances. It also demonstrated that results can be reached only by precise, professional work with an in- ternational outlook and long term perspective.

From 2005 to 2010 the founder of the company has acquired significant knowledge in the field of diplo- macy and governance: as ambassador representing Hungary in Sofia at the time of Bulgaria's EU accession followed by from 2008 as State Secretary for Foreign Affairs where he coordinated the governmental activi- ties related to South-Eastern Europe and the post-So- viet regions.

With the emergence of the Hungarian market econo- my, international matters have become dominant in the company's consulting services. The majority of its partners today are foreign, amongst them many lead- ing multinational companies from Germany, France, Canada and Italy. The Hungarian experiences together with the international expertise of the employees and advisors of the company are a capital which can be successfully applied throughout Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, in the Maghreb Arab countries, the post-Soviet states and China.

Today the company's activities have three main fields of operation: it manages its own assets, provide on the one hand consulting services and investments facilitation on the other. The experience acquired by managing, purchasing, reorganising, rehabilitating and selling companies and has become essential in fulfilling the requests of business partners.

    It has especially important consulting role in the fields of:

  • - international investment;
  • - privatisation;
  • - searching for strategic partners;
  • - acquisition;
  • - project financing;
  • - managing capitals and loans;
  • - providing technical and economic consulting;
  • - representing the interests of investors in building partnerships;
  • - facilitation of capitals and loans.

    It has thorough understanding of and experience in:

  • - capital markets and baking;
  • - telecommunications;
  • - energy management;
  • - infrastructural investment;
  • - managing mineral resources;
  • - construction;
  • - paper and packing materials industry;
  • - hotel industry;;
  • - food industry;
  • - transportation.

It is an important objective of the company to propose and assist international capital investment in these countries, to present reliable partners for strategically significant projects, to help establish commercial part- nerships, and to start new businesses in line with its founding principles.

Faller Consulting Ltd. hopes that this brief introduc- tion has aroused your interest and it is looking forward to discussing opportunities in the above fields which could be to our mutual interests.